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Q1. How to realize the built-in password function for your USB memory disk?

A1. All CHARMS USB memory disk have the built-in password function to enhance your data’s safety. To realize it, please follow the following steps:

Step 1: install the Tool in your CD drive attached in the gift box with you USB drive

Step 2: insert your USB drive into the USB port of the computer

Step 3: run the software from Start menu\\Programs\\USB Storage Utility in your computer

Step 4: choose the size for the public area and securities area and click Begins Button

Step 5: put in the Pin for the securities area and twice to confirm it for future’s using

Step 6: several seconds later your USB disk will successfully realize the built-in password function

Warning: 1. If you run the same procedure in your computer and resize the two areas, your data will be lost.

Warning: 2. If you forget the pin for the securities area, you have to Re-Format the USB disk and your data will be lost

Q2. How to upgrade firmware of your MP3 player?

A2. CHARMS' MP3 player support online firmware upgrading function. Once we have new version for the software, we will announce it on our website and you can download it directly from our website. Pls follow the steps bellow:

Step 1: install the utility software in your CD drive packed along with your MP3 player

Step 2: download the updated version of firmware software and save it to your computer

Step 3: connect your MP3 player with your computer and run “MP3 Player Update” utility from the start menu\\program\\MP3 player utility 3.06\\MP3 player update tool

Step 4: choose the download new firmware file and click “beginning upgrading” button
Step 5: After firmware upgrading successfully, the MP3 player will be automatically plot out and get restarted.

Firmware update is to improve the mp3 player, however it is not necessary to do that, your MP3 player will work normally without any update.

Firmware update used in a wrong way might damage your MP3 player! Before updating please, read the instruction carefully. Make sure that the uploaded file does correspond to your model of the MP3 player. The person performing update is supposed to have some experience in working with comupter.

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