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Thank you for choosing Charms. In the view of protecting our customers' rights and showing the excellent after-sale services of Charms, we make the service stipulations according to the related laws of China and Hong Kong.

Before using our RMA services, please check warranty and our below RMA policy.

RMA Scope:
A. The defects are caused by the hardware faults and manufacturing faults under correct operation.
B. The following conditions are not in our RMA Scope:
1. The products are not from Charms.
  2. The defects are beyond the Warranty Period.
  3. The products have been changed by third parties which are not authorized by Charms.
  4. The defects are caused by the improper operation.
  5. The defects are caused by the accident.
  6. The defects are caused by other conditions, which are not due to the fault of Charms.
RMA Procedures
Our RMA serivces only provide for defects within the above RMA Scope. Otherwise, Charms is not responsible for the reparation or replacement of the defects.

Applcation and Registration of RMA:
Make sure the goods are our products and within warranty.
Fill in the RMA Request Form.
Send us RMA details first by Fax or E-mail via rma@charms-tech.com.
Assignation of RMA No.:
We will assign a RMA number to customer within 1 day.
Delivery of RMA Product.:
Send us the shipment within one week in freight prepaid.
We will check the arrived goods and send our confirmation within 2 days on the RMA arrival.
The reparation period is normally in 1 to 2 weeks. In case the goods cannot be returned on time, we will notify our customer and provide the solutions.
We will send out the repaired goods to customer in bearing the freight.
Surcharge Scope:
A. The defects are from other companies.
B. Reparation for LCD
C. The defects are beyond warranty period.
D. Replacement for shell
A. Charms has the right to choose amongst reparation or replacement for the defects.
B. Charms will only replace RMA products with same model and specification.
C. Charms is not responsible for the data loss and related damage during reparation.
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